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Mr. Saturday

The man once known as Jackson Harley

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Jackson Harley AKA Mr. Saturday is from the Trinity Universe RPG, and is the property of White Wolf Game Studio. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Jackson Harley is alive. Jackson Harley is dead.

Jackson Harley is real. Jackson Harley is a mask.

All accurate, depending on your point of view.

The man known in shadows and whispers as Mr. Saturday was born Jackson Harley, per the records in London. The flesh and blood and bone of him still has its origins in the pattern laid down by the generations who came before him.

Ah, but what did the world think of Jackson Harley, before 1922? A loyal servant, intelligent, considerate, always willing to lend an ear. All a mask over the beast beneath, my dear. A sociopath with a hunger for power and control. Someone who studies his prey until he finds just the right lever to push. A monster who was once the butler of a scientist by the name of Dr. Calvin Hammersmith...

Conspiracy, chance, destiny? Only Mr. Saturday knows for sure. What we know for certain: Mr. Saturday, after the fire, was declared Hammersmith's legal heir. Also, for reasons unknown, he had the Hammersmith mansion moved stone by stone to Haiti.

Jackson Harley is a mask that he seldom needs since the flames of the Hammersmith Incident bequeathed unto his mortal shell god like power. Power over the minds and bodies of men, power even over the flesh and bone of the dead. You can run, but you can never, never escape. In the end you'll dance to his tune, even if he has to kill you first.

Brief Descriptions of some of Saturday's abilities: these are subject to change/alteration if needed to suit your pup's capabilities or the needs of plot.

Telekinesis: move objects with thought alone, alter temperature in an area.

Telepathy: Saturday can read thoughts, implant suggestions, use his voice to command people to perform simple and short term actions, (for example, "why don't you put that gun away, someone could get hurt"), alter memories or make someone do something like "forget" to breathe. He can also produce a supernatural aura of fear around himself, 'curse' someone with bad luck, perform a direct mental assault, or hide himself from prying eyes.

Senses: He can sense that people have powers and see the entire electromagnetic spectrum if he wants to. Of course, "seeing" something doesn't necessarily imply that he'll understand what it is he's seeing. He can also put a psychic 'mark' on someone that he can use to keep a rough idea of how far away and in what direction the subject is afterward, at least for a time.

Precognition: He can sense a few moments ahead of time when he or someone he can sense is going to be attacked and by whom, but not how they will be attacked.

Healing: He's capable of healing others, but generally uses this, along with a super-science concoction, to make corpses into zombies.

Science! Saturday is capable of making mad-science type devices.

The man who now goes by the name Mr. Saturday was once a butler named Jackson Harley, the butler of a scientist by the name of Dr. Calvin Hammersmith...

Was it conspiracy, chance, or destiny that placed him at the Hammersmith Incident that day? Only Mr. Saturday knows for sure. What is known is that he emerged from the incident slightly insane and gifted with truly terrifying psychic power. He used his new abilities to make himself heir of all that Hammersmith had wrought, even shipping the mansion to Haiti stone by stone...

To some he is a folk hero, to others a truly terrifying enemy capable of calling down vengeful spirits on his enemies and raising their corpses to serve him even in death. The truth is difficult to find when the subject is capable of molding and manipulating the mind the way a potter shapes clay....

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